Who we are?

Denise and Pedro
Denise and Pedro

Pedro Balsalobre Caro

was born and raised in Alicante. He graduated from the University of Alicante as an economist and then earned his Master's degree in economics and banking.

After his studies he has gained many years of experience in the Spanish business sector, especially in the area of banking, tax and administration.

He is part of the official College of economists and also as an insurance agent he is officially recognized.


Denise Ulendorp

was born and raised in the Netherlands and graduated from Hogeschool Holland in Diemen in International Business (Economics, Languages & Marketing).

She has also completed several training courses, including 6 months at the University of Zaragoza.

She speaks fluently in the following languages: English, German, Spanish and Dutch and reasonably French. In 2001, she emigrated to Spain, where she gained many years of experience in the housing sector (sales and rental), guiding foreign (non-) residents, Gestoria & Administration, mortgages and insurance.